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Keeping Busy During Lockdown



Emily took part in the Virtual Sports Day challenge. She really enjoyed doing it and got involved in all the tasks! Her results are shown below.


Florence and Ania enjoyed making 3D shapes. Then, they talked about the volume in 3D shapes and area of 2D shapes. 


Charley has been learning about Greek mythology. He has watched Percy Jackson films to help him understand. 


There was a proposal of marriage in Reception Class last week, when Logan got down on one knee and asked Lily to marry him. Luckily, she accepted and with their parents permission, they came to school in their best wedding attire and tied the knot! There were flower girls, confetti and a best man! We wish them a long and happy marriage...


Ania and Florence have been keeping busy. They have been doing lots of cycling, horse riding and swimming in their pool. They have also been swimming in the sea, playing with their pets and seeing their friend, Isabel from Tilney school!


Jack loved fishing with his daddy and he caught the most! He took his metal detector to the beach with his spade to dig and he also flew a kite!


Harley has been working hard on his grammar on Active Learning and also written a Haikus poem that was set on the Anthony Curton website. 


Olivia, in Year 4, has been working very hard -  she has completed one mini session of Grammar for Writing, followed by creating a mind map and writing a Tanka poem.
She clapped the syllables and looked at the structure and then worked with her mum to create the poem. They also had fun talking about what happens when they go down a water slide.


Sky made a rustic carrot cake for her looks delicious!


Ella and Ava have been having fun together while they've been off school!


Charley was challenged to spell words given to him using all the Scrabble tiles. He has also been practising at learning to tell the time.


 Ronnie and Rylie have done some super writing. They have correctly used the KS1 punctuation and they've written in cursive!


Faith has done this report on Miss Collison's mystery egg!


Class 4 sent us this lovely video to show what they've been doing during lockdown!


Miss Collison challenged her Year 2 children to write a non-chronological report based on a mystery egg that she found in Jiggy's stable. They had to begin by researching the type of egg they believed it was and then they needed to use this information to write a non-chronological report. Joshua did some amazing work!


Charley has been sharing his skills with his grandad. He showed him how to make choc chip cookies, then sold some to Charley's dad using toy money. Dad was shocked that they were so expensive, but Charley was able to say if he had given him the correct money for the cookies!


Gertrude's gorgeous lamb, Delilah!


The reveal of the little lamb's name....


Dionne and Joshua have been colouring in VE Day sheets and writing about VE Day. They have also been baking some delicious-looking cakes!


If you have to come to school during lockdown, Isabella and Rheanna reckon you might as well make the most of it!


Sunny has been helping in the kitchen almost everyday and learnt lots of cooking skills. She has made a dessert called Fred the Frog using a melon!


Roxy and Vinnie made bunting to commemorate VE Day!


Faith and Summer had a street party for VE Day!

In Year 6, Olivia is missing school and her friends, but she has kept herself very busy. She has done lots of games on Times Table Rockstars and her score has improved hugely - which she is very pleased about! She has also done the 5-a-day challenges on Corbett Maths along with Years 6 and 7 White Rose Maths worksheets. Next, she has completed the worksheets on climates and time zones and has researched climates on the internet. She has looked at the Koppen System and written about the different groups. For History, Olivia has used the Oak National Academy website, which can be found on our school website. She has also written an essay about the First and Second World Wars, using information she had learnt over previous lessons at school; information she had learnt from Oak National Academy and information she had found on the internet. 
As well as all of this, Olivia has done some artwork about textures and optical illusions. Another task she has completed is doing a daily workout with Jo Wicks on his YouTube channel! She has also read regularly and she has been helping to teach her brother his lessons whilst they have been on lockdown! 


Isabella and Rheanna keeping us entertained...


Today's children enjoyed fun in the playground with Mrs Beetlestone!


On Friday, Ellie, Lucy and their mum and dad celebrated VE Day by decorating the house, having a picnic in the garden and even a water fight! It was Mum's birthday so Lucy helped to make a cookie cake for her. She has also been having a go at some of the plants learning for Year 3, and has tried out the celery and food colouring experiment. 


 For their writing challenge, Eva and Mia decided to write about their seventh birthday which was spent in lockdown!


Charley has been colouring and thinking about the NHS. He has also been doing Maths using sweets!


Even in this difficult time there are always little glimmers of joy! Gertrude, the school sheep who will be coming to our school, has had a beautiful and very healthy lamb! She is a girl, and is absolutely stunning and Miss Williams can’t wait for you all to meet her!
We need your help! Currently, the little baby lamb has no name, so we are asking you to e-mail Miss Williams - -  with names beginning with D. We will then put your suggestions into a hat and she will then pick one out! Good luck!


Emily has been a very busy bee....she has been completing schoolwork and did lots of baking for VE Day, then enjoyed a picnic in her front garden! Emily has enjoyed her topic work on Peter Pan, science plants and Ancient Egyptians. She has also made some beautiful books full of all kinds of different work.



Miss Collison challenged the Year 2 children to complete a piece of writing based on something they have done over the last eight weeks and Eva chose to write about VE Day!


Harley has been practising using conjunctions, adverbs and apostrophes. He has also written a longer piece of writing.


Twins Eva and Mia, have spent time researching to find out if they are identical or not. It was never confirmed so they have been researching to find out if they are identical twins or mirror twins.


Daisy has been helping out at home a lot which she's enjoying! She has been taking part in online gym sessions 3-4 times a week, as well as our daily exercise, which is either a dog walk or a bike ride. She goes onto Active Learn every day as well as doing some Maths work sheets and some bits of work from her termly sheets. She is reading but choosing a book she wants to read to stay motivated with it! She is missing school, her teachers and her friends, and is looking forward to coming back one day!


Sophie has been cooking, reading, practising her maths and helping around the home, washing up and looking after her little brother! Adam has been doing his practice SATs papers and helping look after the chickens. They have all been on lots of walks and bike rides too and have really enjoyed having lots of time together.


There have been some lovely chalkings on the playground to commemorate VE Day!


As well as doing lots of maths work, Ellie has written a letter to the NHS to thank them for everything they do. She has also helped Lucy learn about Egyptians for her Year 3 topic and they mummified each other!

Ellie has also been learning lots of life skills, such as pegging out the washing, cooking, loading the dishwasher, changing and making the beds and even washing cars!

Lucy made her own bug hotel. She also wrote an email to Mrs Beetlestone, which was a very lovely touch and very much appreciated!


Charley chose this picture to show that many died in the First and Second World Wars, and he wrote about what he had learnt.


Jack has been trying especially hard with his writing and is very excited about looking after the caterpillars!


Ania has written lots about the story of the Titanic, which is part of her homework set by Miss Collison!


Harley has done an amazing PowerPoint all about dinosaurs!


Jamie has been keeping himself very busy. He has completed lots of SATs papers, done lots of Maths and some Science. He has written a story and practised his handwriting. He has also made some lovely bread, he has completed a sausage project (his choice!) and he has ridden his bike. Finally, his proudest achievement that he really wanted us to know, is that he has taught himself how to complete the Rubix Cube, initially using videos, but then he found his own method. He has worked really hard to achieve this over a number of days!


Ania and Florence have been working hard on their home school packs!


Archie and Aronas were in school today. Aronas made a man and Archie made a lorry!


Emily has completed Lego challenges, done school work, made rainbows and taken part in an online jazz lesson with her dance teacher! She has also done an outdoor treasure hunt, as well as reading in the sun and painting garden furniture. Emily has also finished an Easter booklet, completed from school.


Eva is keeping very busy, but she is really missing her friends in Year 2. When she saw Miss Collison's video of how she was missing her class, Eva cried!


Roxy and Vinnie have been busy this week, including creating a beautiful design from flowers, shells, leaves and feathers.


Charley has made a card thanking the amazing Captain Tom Moore, who has raised so much money for the NHS.


Lucy, in Year 3, has been doing some work on the Ancient Egyptians.


Ronnie and Riley been learning about the causes and damages of pollution in the oceans. They discovered that some of it is caused by rubbish and oil from boats, and how it kills sea animals. They watched a few documentaries and did some arts and crafts, and then made a video showing what is inside the stomach of a fish. Their next activity is going to be recycling at home to help them understand what they can do to prevent pollution.


Chloe has been busy doing Maths, English, Art and Reading, and she has also been using the active learning app. She has kept in contact with her friends from school on Face Time. Chloe has helped her mummy to build a new greenhouse and they are growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, rocket for salad and some sunflowers and marigolds for the garden. She has spent a lot of time on her trampoline and sometimes her dog, Molly, joins her! Chloe has also been baking banana bread, muffin pizza and coleslaw. She has also been helping her mummy and daddy renovate a bungalow!


Charley has been weighing and measuring, and creating food from scratch! He has also written a lovely story about Care Angel Donna!


Kiera and Lilly have kept themselves entertained - they have both been doing school work most mornings, including Spellings with a test every Friday, Maths and Reading. They have both enjoyed learning about the human body; they have been exercising most days with their gymnastics club; they have face-timed friends and have sent postcards of themselves with friends in the post, who they are missing very much. They have been learning life skills and have both set up personal goals to achieve whilst being off.

Kiera has challenged herself to be a free reader, reading most days, and she has learnt to tell the time and not just keep asking Alexa! She has also achieved more skills with her gymnastics, pushing herself to be more confident.

Lilly has learnt to ride her bike and we have biked around the village, learning cycling proficiency, She has also learnt to tie up shoe laces so she can have a new pair of PE trainers for school, and has also learnt how to tell the time, along with learning more gymnastic skills.

They are enjoying themselves and making memories whilst living in these horrible circumstances, so that when the question is asked, this is what they will remember.

As for mummy....she shaved her head to show her support for the NHS!!


Ella has made Viking Longboat as part of the home-school work set by Mr Furness!


Ryan has been very busy doing a variety of Maths, English and PE.  He has also been learning to cook.  He entered a drawing competition and won! This is his picture.

Olivia has been very busy been painting and doing some work on the website that Mrs Nickerson gave her class. She has played with her generation doll and she passed her ballet exam! She has enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt with her brother, Jack, they have been riding their bikes and they have also been shooting Nerf Gun targets, as well as playing badminton and lots of other games! They have a new swing, which they helped their daddy to build. Olivia has been helping to bake with mummy and later, when she was trying to thread the cotton, Tinkerbelle the cat kept chasing it!


To support the topic of growing this term, Tilly and her dad have decided to plant strawberry and tomato plants!


Harry has been looking at Henry VIII and castles. He has also looked into the artist Paul Klee, and Harry designed his own castle version in Paul Klee's style. He has been learning about spring, the different weathers and what helps things to grow. Harry, his brother Billy, and their dad, have extended their vegetable patch this year. They have now got carrots, leeks, cabbages, lettuce, petit pois, mange tout, chives and radishes! They have also planted a blueberry bush, a plum tree and an apple tree. Fingers crossed they will all grow...
Most importantly they have all been enjoying family fun!


Charley did some maths homework and then wrote the following story:

Nurse Charley helps to save the NHS. Charley is a blue elephant . She works for the NHS and she is a nurse. Hello!

There was a very bad germ called the Coronavirus . The germ makes elephants very poorly and sometimes they need to go to hospital. Charley would try to make elephants better, but there were too many patients because some elephants outside Charley's hospital were not listening to the rules.
The rules are:
* don't go outside your house only in your own yard or garden
*don't see your friends only talk on the phone and face time
*only go out when you need shopping and medicine
*stay 6 feet or 2 metres away from other elephants
*only go out once a day for exercise
Charley wears a mask, visor and a gown every day to protect her and her patients. When she wears it for a long time she gets very hot and tired.
Charley cries most days because she doesn't want elephants who have Coronavirus to die.
But some do and that is very sad.
Everyone can get the Coronavirus
By Charley Kendal Age 7 and 11 months


Archie, Florence and Tristan have been doing some Maths and English in school today!


Miss Collison was in school today. Along with the children, she painted this beautiful sunflower for the sunflower initiative that was released by emergency services yesterday! When the emergency services are doing their patrols they will be looking for sunflowers and will give out sunflower seeds to spread the happiness. Hopefully they will see ours and we will get some sunflower seeds to grow!


Sunny has made a fantastic 1077-piece Taj Mahal puzzle! She has also sewn an apron and as part of her homework, she has made a Viking longship!


Stanley has been learning all about the human body and also learning how to tell the time.


Sophia liked how Titanic was super big and was very sad when it sank and lots of people lost their lives. She thought that they should have tested it properly against icebergs before putting people on it. Sophia has worked hard on her writing and keeping neat on the lines. 


Megan and Samuel have been doing lots of science experiments, such as making ice-cream, making their own electro-magnet and a lava lamp.

 They have also grown cress and sunflowers. 


Isla and Lacey have been busy colouring, playing outside and having fun in the hot tub! They wrote lovely messages to their class teachers too.


Faith and Summer have been busy helping their daddy with his work, He grows flowers but sadly they weren't allowed to sell them so they had to throw them all away. Daddy also grows fruit and trees and is working long hours, so the whole family have been making him proud by doing all they can to help him.


Caidey's mum has bought her some books online and she is doing really well with her maths too!


Kaiden's favourite place is the outdoors, so he has been on many local adventures, and he has learnt to ride his bike with no stabilisers!

He has done lots of baking, including making pancakes (following Mrs Ransom's instructions).


Charley has been busily planting, baking, doing homework and making words from Scrabble tiles! He made a video of himself making up words using the tiles.


Logan and his brother built their very own big house, using lots of materials from around the garden. He also wrote a sentence about they did at the weekend.

Jack, and his sister Olivia, decided to use their Easter egg boxes to make leprechaun traps! Jack has also completed some work with the help of Tinkerbelle the cat, who  kept chasing the pen, which he found so funny! He has written a letter to his friends and helped Daddy wash the cars. He talked with Mummy about how shadows are formed and then they went into the garden so he could draw around an action figure. Jack helped to make a paste so he could mould dinosaurs and then he painted them. He has created pop art all by himself, he was so confident and he loved doing it!


Some of the children did chalk drawings on the school car park,just inside the school gates, so that when the key workers come to collect their children, they can see how grateful we are for all they are doing!


The few children that have been coming in to school have helped Mrs Ransom to plant some flowers along the borders at the front of the school. They put some of the painted rocks, which have been found around the village, next to the plants as a reminder in the future of this very strange time we find ourselves in now!


Here's what Logan and his brother have been up to while at home. They have played with cornflour and water and also made a pirate ship! They have painted some stones that they have put around the village and Logan has played with Hama Beads, of which he has made various ones to send to his grandparents!


Dionne and Joshua have been painting rocks and then hiding them, as well as finding some that other children have done, and re-hiding those too! They have also coloured and re-decorated their shed. Meanwhile, during one of their walks, they found a gift with a note, and they followed the instructions on the note and gifted two things back for other people to find!


Olivia, in Year 4, has written a wonderful rainbow poem.


Teddy and his sister have done such a lot of activities to keep themselves busy!


Roxy and Vinnie have had lots of outdoor fun, as well as doing some homework packs and painting rainbows to show their support for our key workers.


Olivia and Joshua have been busy keeping their garden tidy, doing maths and baking!


Jason and his brother have made a lovely sign for key workers to see as they go past their house. They have also written a poem about springtime and had fun in their pool!


Ellie and Lucy have been practising their French by colouring rainbows. They also had a life skills challenge day in which they cleaned the car!


Cody has been having pool fun with his mum and making tasty treats!


Chloe wrote out recipes and made a delicious lemon drizzle cake. Lucie helped her sister to measure the ingredients out and they followed the methods to make their cake. They have also taken part in a science crystal lesson! 


Ailin, his brother and sisters have been having lots of outdoor work and fun!


We would like to say a massive 'well done' to Florence in Year 5, who completed a sponsored 24 hour silence, (we'll never know how she managed that...) and she has raised a whopping £1000 for the Covid-19 Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn. Way to go Florence!


Harley, who is in Year 4, has sent us this piece of home-schooling writing about a Horntail Dragon!