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SATs Results and Attendance 

Annual School Statistics

Key Stage 2 SATs Results 2022

Cohort size: 26 pupils

Anthony Curton School met the 2021-22 floor standard. Key Stage 2 data indicates pupils were above floor standards in all 3 subjects individually, combined reading, writing and maths and made good progress when compared to other children with similar starting points nationally.

In 2021-22 there was 100% of children eligible to be included in the progress measure for reading, writing and maths. 


At the end of Key Stage 2 children are expected to get a scaled score of 100 in each area. 

The average score of pupils in their end of Key Stage 2 tests are as follows:

Maths - 103

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation - 104

Reading - 106


Writing: Pupils achieving expected standard - 57%, 

Reading: Pupils achieving expected standard - 69%, Pupils achieving a higher standard: 8%  Average scaled score: 100

Maths: Pupils achieving expected standard - 46%, Pupils achieving a higher standard: 8%  Average scaled score: 95

SPAG: Pupils achieving expected standard - 62%, Pupils achieving a higher standard: 8%  Average scaled score: 101

Combined score: 35%


8% of pupils achieved a higher than expected standard in all 3 areas; reading, writing and maths

57% of pupils achieved the expected standard in all 3 areas; reading writing and maths.



If parents would like an opportunity to talk through the new results system please contact the school office to arrange to  speak to a member of staff - we know this information can seem baffling!


Cohort size: 26 Children


                           62% of pupils in Yr 1 cohort meeting threshold                          


Pupils doing Yr 2 re-take scored 93%


 Early Years


77% of children in the Early Years cohort achieved a Good Level of Development.

National % of Early Years children reaching a Good Level of Development - 70%




It is a Government requirement that we publish the number of authorised and unauthorised absences each year. It is the school’s decision as to whether an absence may be classed as ‘authorised’ (i.e. a sound reason) or unauthorised including lateness and those few occasions when we are not informed by an adult of the reason for a child’s absence. 

School will not authorise any absence for holiday reasons, or for any child in Year 2 and Year 6 during the SATs testing periods, which take place in the month of May. 

Lateness is considered to be when the child arrives at school ten minutes after the start of the morning or afternoon session. 

Do please try to avoid taking annual holidays during term time unless this is absolutely necessary, and complete the necessary application form, available from the school office. Please also speak to the Head Teacher if you need to take your child out of school.



If you would like to visit the DfE Performance Tables website please click on the link below: