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Policies and Procedures

If you wish to see or obtain a copy of any of the school's policies, please ask at the office where they will be made available to you. 


These include the school's policies on Safeguarding and Child Protection, Health and Sex Education, and Accessibility and Disability Discrimination. Hard copies of the current Prospectus, which is updated at least annually, are also available at the office.


The Governing Body have ensured that all statutory policies are in place at Anthony Curton school, and all can be accessed on request from the school office, on 01945 780121.


 AC & TAS Accessibility Plan January 2023.pdfDownload
 AC PE report 21.docxDownload
 Acceptable Use Policy for Volunteers and Visitors to any Trust Site in the use of IT Social Media etc.pdfDownload
 Administration of Medicines Policy.pdfDownload
 Admissions Policy AC 2022.pdfDownload
 Anti Bullying Policy 2021 2022 (1).docxDownload
 Assessment Policy Joint Summer 2022.pdfDownload
 Attendance Policy Autumn 2022.pdfDownload
 Charging & Remissions Policy Autumn 2022.pdfDownload
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 Children with Health Needs who Cannot Attend School Policy.pdfDownload
 Confidentiality Policy October 2019.pdfDownload
 DEMAT Complaints Policy ratified 2020.docxDownload
 DEMAT Data-Protection-Policy-V4-QA.pdfDownload
 DEMAT ECT Induction Policy.docxDownload
 DEMAT Education of Care Experienced Children policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
 DEMAT EYFS Model Policy.pdfDownload
 DEMAT Grievance Policy.pdfDownload
 DEMAT Intimate care new policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
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 DEMAT Medical policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
 DEMAT Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy 2022-23 - Appendix 1.docxDownload
 DEMAT SEND policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
 Educational Visits Policy.pdfDownload
 Emergency Procedures inc Event of Fire.pdfDownload
 English as an Additional Language Policy.pdfDownload
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 First Aid Policy.pdfDownload
 Gifted Talented and More Able Policy.pdfDownload
 Governor Allowances Policy Summer Term 2022.pdfDownload
 Governor Monitoring Policy Spring 2023.pdfDownload
 Handwriting and Presentation Policy.pdfDownload
 Intimate Care Policy Spring 2023.pdfDownload
 Joint RE Policy Spring 2022.docxDownload
 Joint Collective Worship Policy Spring 2022.docxDownload
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 KCSIE 2022.pdfDownload
 LAC Policy (Summer 2022 ).pdfDownload
 Lone Working Policy Spring 2023.pdfDownload
 Mental Health Policy.pdfDownload
 NEW DEMAT Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
 NEW DEMAT Behaviour policy 2022-23.pdfDownload
 NEW DEMAT Exclusion policy 2022-23 FINAL.pdfDownload
 Online Safety Policy Statement Joint Summer 2022.pdfDownload
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 Policy for Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints.docxDownload
 PP report template AC.docxDownload
 Prevent risk assessment and action plan.docxDownload
 Restraint Policy Spring 2023.pdfDownload
 RSE-Policy-Statement-v6-070521 (2).pdfDownload
 Safety Security Policy Spring 2023.pdfDownload
 School Uniform Policy Summer 2022.pdfDownload
 SEN Policy (Summer 2022).pdfDownload
 SEND Info Report Covid19 Annex April 2020.pdfDownload
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 SMSC Policy Autumn 2019.pdfDownload
 Teaching & Learning Policy Spring 2022.pdfDownload
 Touch Policy Spring 2023.pdfDownload
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