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We would all like to say a great big Happy Birthday to Mrs Beetlestone, who will have to spend her birthday in lockdown, with just her gorgeous dog, Teddy, for company! We wish we could be with you to celebrate, but we'll see you soon for a proper party! xxx

Mrs Beetlestone has asked for this message to go on the website - she is so grateful for all her lovely cards and gifts, and is very touched to have such good friends who are thinking of her! xxx


Mrs Mason would like Reception Class to know that she is missing you all so much, and she hopes you are having lots of fun at home. She has seen some of your lovely rocks that you have painted they are beautiful. Mrs Mason hopes you have been busy too. She has made a rainbow and a sunflower, and has been knitting, sewing and gardening. She has also planted potatoes - she counted out how many she had to plant - it was 16! Now she just needs to remember to water them! She has also been on lots of bike rides and is enjoying the sunshine and hopes you have been spending time outside too. Mrs mason really hopes to see you all soon.


Mrs Marsh said she hopes you are all ok, are having fun and keeping busy at home. She has been baking cakes and knitting a blanket with her daughters to help pass the time. She has even been on her trampoline!! She says, be kind and helpful to your grown-ups and to your brothers and sisters. She misses you and will see you soon.


Mrs Murray wishes she could go out on her bike, but she can't, so she has polished it about 100 times since lockdown instead! She has also adopted 2 rabbits that desperately needed a loving home, so she helped Mr Murray to build a huge hutch, complete with a pretend TV aerial!!  She is missing all the children, especially her Year 6's and wishes them all the very best at high school if she doesn't see them back at Anthony Curton.


Mrs Beetlestone hopes that you are all keeping safe and well. She misses everybody, especially her Year 5 children and she thought you might like to see her adorable puppy, Teddy! 


Mrs Gant has been very busy making hundreds of 'sore ear savers' for the Queen Elizabeth  Hospital staff. We are sure they will be very grateful!


Mrs Gibson has been looking after Year 4's stick insects and she would like you to know that they are doing just fine and have grown!