Anthony Curton

C Of E Primary School

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The Chase, Wisbech, Camrbidgeshire PE14 7NG

"The pupils were very enthusiastic about the school and grateful for the high-quality support they received." Tim Coulson, regional Schools' Commissioner, January 2017

Latest News

We are very proud to be able to tell you that our school continues to be a "GOOD" school!! Thank you to all of the parents, staff and children for all of their support during our inspection!


We said an emotional 'good bye' to Class 6!


The wonderful end-of-term show, performed by both schools - Robin Hood!


Our joint school choirs had a wonderful day singing at the Royal Norfolk Show


We had a great day celebrating our school partnership and becoming part of DEMAT!


Some of the beautiful displays in church for this year's Flower Festival. The theme this year was the history of transport.


We wore purple for Mental Health Awareness Week. This year it targeted body image, so Class 2 went out on to the playground and drew round each other's bodies, then left a positive message about what they love about their friends!


Mr Wilkinson brought some of his sheep and lambs to show us. He explained how he cares for them and what they eat.


We loved seeing all the different costumes on World Book Day!


Our homework recently was to find out about animals, whether they be wild or our pets and to find out what they eat and how to care for them. The children were allowed to bring their pets in to show us and we had lots of different animals. There was a visit from Bea - who is a reading dog and who will be coming in to school regularly - Caidey's rescue Bearded Dragons, Stumpy and Puff; Wilf the rabbit, belonging to Ollie, Freddie and Maya; Courtney , who told us about different animals from all over the World; Pip and Pop, our guinea pigs in Reception Class; Miss Hill's very cute puppy, Bear; Seema brought a photograph of her dog, Roly; Nikolai's friendly rats, Shadow and Coal; Theo's tortoise, Tom and Tianna showed us a photograph of her dog, Todd!


More and more of our children are playing the 18-rated Grand Theft Auto across several gaming platforms. For parents wanting more information and to understand the risks involved, please click on any of the following:





Childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels - 22% of children are overweight or obese when they start primary school, and this increases to 34% by the time they finish primary. Sugar is a big part of the problem, with children eating and drinking more than twice the amount of sugar that they should. With your help, we would like to change that.

Below is the link to access the website, where there are resources to download, such as healthy recipes. 

We hope that you will support us in helping the children learn about healthier swaps for happier lives. 


Key Stage 1 put on an amazing Nativity performance. Thank you to everybody who came to support us.


We had such fun, (oh yes we did!!) when the whole school went to Hunstanton, to see Snow White in the Christmas pantomime!


We invited our older residents of the village to watch our Nativity and afterwards, we sung Carols.


We had great fun spending the day outside and getting very dirty!


We had fun dressing up for Children in Need and we raised lots of money selling cakes!


A giant inflatable planetarium took over the school hall this week as Classes 1 and 5 got to have a taste of Space!


There were some ghastly goings-on in school this week when the children came to school dressed as Really Scary Pets Creatures and Animals, to raise money for the RSPCA!


Wisbech Foodbank were very grateful for their huge donation from our school, which was donated during Harvest Festival.


Key Stage 2 were lucky to have a visit from Buzz. He is an illustrator at Night Zoo Keeper, a website dedicated to helping children become inspired to write.