Anthony Curton

C Of E Primary School Academy

01945 780 121

The Chase,
PE14 7NG


Minutes of meetings are held centrally. The Clerk to the Governors and Chair can grant access should anyone wish to read them.

Clerk: Stella Kaye 

Chair: Steve Cozens 




Mr. Steve Cozens - Chair of Governors



Miss Dawn Liddle - Executive Headteacher 


Miss Alice Williams - Senior Teacher - Tilney All Saints


Mrs. Lauren Beetlestone - Teacher


Mrs Jane Brooks - General Member


Mrs Jo Webb - Quality of Education


Mrs Emma Evans - Parent Governor, Tilney All Saints


Mrs. Stella Kaye - Clerk to the Governors

Safeguarding our children

Senior designated member of staff for Safeguarding  -  Miss D Liddle

Alternate SDP  -  Mr J Wilkinson

Governor for Safeguarding  -  Mr S Cozens

The law requires Headteachers to report any obvious or suspected child abuse. This includes non accidental injury, physical neglect, emotional and or sexual abuse. Headteachers and staff are charged with the duty of reporting whatever their views of the likelihood of abuse.  This procedure is intended to protect our children, and school takes the attitude that when there are any suspicions, it is better to be safe than sorry.  At times, this does mean that Headteachers risk upsetting some parents by reporting a case that after investigation was proved to be unfounded, but it is hoped that parents will understand how difficult it is for Headteachers to carry out this delicate task, and that they act only in the best interests of the children in their care.




As a member of the Ely Diocese Multi Academy Trust the school is governed by the members of the DEMAT Board. The scheme of delegation outlines the responsibility of the Local Governing Body whose current members are listed below.

Local Governing Body take overall policy decisions about how the school is run. They meet once each half term, occasionally more often. The Local Governing Body meets all requirements regarding

Statutory Policies, all of which can be obtained from the school office on request.  These include the school policies on Safeguarding and Child Protection, Sex and Health Education, and Accessibility and Disability Discrimination.

The Local Governing Body operates a system of committees to make

 it easier to deal with some things in greater detail.  These

are for Finance, Curriculum, Personnel and Premises. We also have a committee of Governors who focus on the Spiritual and Christian development of our children. Committees also meet each half term.  

School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities for the school buildings, staff and pupils.  They work together

and they cannot act individually.


When complete the Local Governing Body is constituted as follows; Head Teacher, Ex-Officio, two elected staff members, two elected parent members and up to eight other Governors.


 The Local Governing Body of both Anthony Curton and Tilney All Saints is a joint Local Governing body. Request to view or obtain copies of minutes of the Local Governing Body meetings should be made to the Clerk to Governors (Stella Kaye) via the school office. A small fee may be charged to cover costs if a large number of copies are requested.


 Our present Local Governing Body Governors are:

Steve Cozens - Chair of Governors (Also Governor at Marshland High School) General Appointed Governor with effect from 07/10/2019

Barbara Burton - Vice Chair

Dawn Liddle - Executive Head Teacher

Jane Brooks 

Mark Bocking 

Rev. Martin Dale - Ex-officio

Rev. Barbara Burton - Ex officio

Alice Williams - Staff Governor

Lauren Beetlestone - Staff Governor

Sarah Swinburn - Parent Governor

Emma Evans 

Joanne Webb

Jessica Lawrence

Stella Kaye

Recently Resigned Governors

Andy Laughton (Resigned June 2020)

Richard Hines (Resigned June 2020)

Alan Hanrahan (Resigned June 2020)

Magda Collison (Resigned June 2020)

Ann Chase (Resigned October 2020)

Governor Responsibilities 2019-20

Safeguarding and Child Protection including Prevent - S Cozens

Looked After Children - J Brooks

Quality of Education

J Webb

S Cozens


Finance & Premises Committee

 S Cozens

J Brooks

Standards Committee

L Beetlestone

S Cozens

A Williams

Ethos Committee

M Dale

S Cozens

J Brooks

B Burton

A Williams

D Liddle

Inclusion - A Williams, B Burton

Head Teacher's Performance Management - S Cozens

Pupil Premium - TBC

Health and Safety - Mark Bocking

Gifted and Talented/More Able - A Williams

Governor Training - S Kaye (Clerk)

SMSC including British Values - J Webb

Attendance - S Cozens

Cluster - TBC

Website - E Evans

Personnel & Pay Committee

B Burton

S Cozens

J Brooks

M Bocking

Early Birds and After School Club - L Beetlestone

School Council - L Beetlestone

Staff & Head Teacher Wellbeing - B Burton

Head Teacher's Performance Management Committee

Designated DEMAT Advisor

Year Group Governors

Reception - S Cozens

Year 1 - S Cozens

Year 2 - TBC

Year 3 - TBC

Year 4 - TBC

Year 5 - TBC

Year 6 - TBC


Subject Governors

Maths - TBC

English - S Cozens

P.E. - TBC

R.E. and Collective Worship - M Dale

Science - TBC

Complaints Panel

To be drawn from members of the LGB as required

If you require any further information about the structure and remit of the members of DEMAT or the board of trustees please contact the DEMAT office on 01353656760.

Alternatively please click here to visit their website.


The DEMAT board consists of:

Peter Maxwell - Chair

Adrian Ball - CEO

Revd Michael G Banyard - Board Member
Keith Carne - Board Member
Sir David Harrison - Board Member
Ven Dr Alex Hughes - Board Member
David Lee - Board Member
Carole Reich - Board Member
Robert L Skelton - Board Member
Serena Standing - Board Member
Hilary Wright - Board Member
Mike Younger - Board Member