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Children's progress, achievement and attainment is tracked and monitored at regular intervals throughout the academic year. Assessment is on-going on a daily and half-termly basis, using both formal and informal methods. However, there are more formalised key periods throughout the year, these being Christmas, Easter and Summer.

Key judgements are made in all areas of the curriculum, including reading,  writing and mathematics. Pupils' progress and attainment is tracked on a tracking system known as Pupil Asset. This system allows staff to monitor pupil progress within their year group and across the school.

Schools within the local geographical cluster, including the High School, have agreed in principal to use the same tracking system and the same criteria for defining pupil progress. Work is currently being undertaken within the multi academy trust with a view to achieving consistency.

Pupil progress, attainment and achievement is reported at least annually in the summer term to parents and Governors, but staff will regularly discuss the progress of children with parents throughout the academic year.

In the Foundation Stage staff and parents contribute to the Tapestry programme, as a vehicle for gathering evidence and assessing children's progress towards attaining a good level of development within the Early Learning Goals.

When planning further learning opportunities within the curriculum staff always take into account children's prior learning, current achievement and targets towards future attainment. 

Children's progress is monitored regularly by the Head teacher and members of the senior management team on a formal basis and discussed at least half-termly at pupil progress meetings.





Overall School attendance for the 2021 ~ 2022 academic year was 92.2%

School expects all children to attend regularly. If your child is sick, please contact the school office on the first day of absence.  School is able to authorise up to two days absence due to sickness. If your child is absent for more than two consecutive days then proof of a GP visit will be required before the school will authorise the absence.


School will not authorise any absence for holiday during term times.  Should a child be absent for five or more consecutive days, the County Attendance team will be notified and a fixed term penalty fine may be issued to any parent or carer with parental responsibility.  Failure to pay the fines within the prescribed time limit may result in prosecution.