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In our final assembly of this school year, we handed out certificates for 100% attendance, 25, 50 and 75 Housepoints, Year 6 Cycling awards and Even You Song Outstanding awards for Ellie and Olivia. Finally, we wished Miss Symonds lots of love and happiness for her forthcoming wedding next month!


We had a very busy assembly with lots of awards on 19th July!

  • Housepoints - for 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 - well done to everybody for achieving those certificates
  • Stanley, Grace and Eva took part in the 5k Race for Life to raise money
  • David was proud to talk to us about his Confirmation
  • Ella and Natalia got awards for their great gymnastics skills
  • Rylie was Most Improved Player  at his football club
  • Class 6 were presented with their Leavers t-shirts by ACFA
  • Mylee won an award for Most Improved Player at Friday night's after school badminton club
  • Maya had her illustration shown on Sky Kids TV for the Night Zookeeper
  • Stanley took part in the Downham Market Games and  won a medal
  • Jonathan-Lee and Florence received their Level 2 and 400m certificates
  • Theo was chosen as Pupil of the Week for Wallabies and Mrs Gant wrote him a poem!

Assembly on 12th July. There were some more 25, 50 and 75 Housepoints awards. Krystian received his 125 Housepoints award - very well done for that! Ronnie proudly showed us his medal for Basketball and Alice, Ella and Eva received lots of medals and prizes for their gymnastics skills. Meanwhile, Alex has completed his Level 4 Swimming badge and Bailey, our Trampoline star, has been competing in Brentwood, where she got a 2nd place medal. Well to everybody!


Assembly on July 5th. We handed out the latest Housepoints certificates for 50, 75 and 100, so very well done to all those children who received their badges.  Mylee showed what a great sportsperson she is by receiving a trophy for Gymnastics and a medal for Swimming. Meanwhile, Finlay, Jack and Finlay  showed us their certificates and medals for Roller Hockey!


Celebration assembly held on 27th June. 50, 75 and 100 Housepoints certificates were handed out this week, and Miss Liddle's fabulous assembly helpers were Ella and Chloe!


Assembly on 21st June. We gave out 25, 50, 75 and 100 Housepoints certificates, St Andrews were the Sports Day winners and Florence and Tristan received certificates for taking part in the Bubble Rush Run for Children's Hospices in our area.


Assembly on 17th June. Today we gave out more 50, 75 and 100 Housepoints certificates. Bailey took part in a Trampoline competition in Birmingham, Natalia received her Level 6 Gymnastics badge, Ryan has been magnificent in Equestrian Showjumping and Archie showed us his Scouting badges!


Assembly on May 24th. As we ended the half term, we gave out certificates for 25, 50 and 100 Housepoints. Finlay proudly showed us his medal for Basketball and Ania received her Level 5 certificate for Gymnastics.


Assembly on 17th May. We handed out more 25, 50 and 75 Housepoints. Our Netball team did us proud at the Marshland Cluster Tournament, while Florence and Chloe showed how they are improving in their Trampoline discipline and our lovely little team of Gymnasts proudly displayed their certificates and medals. Meanwhile, Luke showed us his Blue Peter Badge! Well done everybody!


Assembly held on 10th May. There were lots more 25 and 50 Housepoints - well done to everybody for working so hard!

Assembly on 3rd May. There were 25, 50 and 75 Housepoints awards. Emily and Krystian were awarded their 100 Housepoints - very well done to them. Daisy received a trophy from her gymnastics club for her excellent skills. Scarlett, Elliot and Alice have achieved Levels 1 and 2 in swimming lessons, while Zoe and Jamie, who swim at club level, did fantastically well to receive medals for Individual Medley (Zoe) and medals in all strokes and distances (Jamie.) All of Class 4 received a certificate from Greyfriars School, where they have their weekly swimming lessons, for being the best-behaved class. Super job everybody!


Assembly on April 26th. We had just one award today....Reception class's Stanley went to soccer training school in the holidays. He was awarded a medal for being on the winning team. The coaches chose him as the '4-10 year old player of the day for his performances, both on the pitch and in goal! Considering he has only ever had a kick-a-bout in his garden, we think Stanley has done amazingly well!


Assembly on 5th April. There were 25, 50 and 75 Housepoints awards. ACFA gave out Easter Eggs to the winners of their Wordsearch and we said a fond farewell to Mrs Howley, who has left us to start a new life in Cornwall.


Assembly on 29th March. Awards this week were 25, 50 and 75 Housepoints.  Brooke, Eva, Ella and Eva received a trophy, certificates and rosettes for Gymnastics and Hayden got the Head's award this week for being very polite, both in and out of school. Next, Ronnie was very proud to show us his Beavers badge for sleeping over at school in his tent and Ella has been doing brilliantly in Swimming, both in backstroke (10m) and front crawl (20m.) Tristan is a lovely animal friend and showed us photographs of his animals and we think they are very lucky to be cared for by him. The Walpole Crier ran an Easter Egg Colouring Competition and the winners were, Lilly (1st,) James (2nd) and Courtney (3rd.) They each received an Easter egg for their fantastic art work!


Assembly held on 22nd March. There were some more 25 and 50 Housepoints certificates. Bailey showed us her medal for Trampolining and Zoe and Jamie showed us what a sporting family they are with another horde of medals for Swimming. Well done to everybody!


Assembly held on March 15th. We had lots of 25 and 50 Housepoints. Meanwhile, Emily has done very well to get to 75 already! Classes 4 and 5 received certificates for Level 1 Cycle Safety, while George had a special certificate from Miss Liddle for his much-improved attitude and behaviour! Well done everybody!


Assembly awards for March 1st. There were 25 and 50 Housepoints,  Florence and Ania received skiing medals,  Olivia, Emily, Lucy and Ellie received medals for Freestyle Dance and Stanley got a  Half Marathon Band for completing 10 junior Parkruns. 


Assembly on  15th February. There were several 25 Housepoints and Lauren received a certificate for super swimming using backstroke. She managed to get a 10m award. 


Assembly on Friday 8th February. There were more 25 and 50 Housepoints certificates. Lauren showed us her award for swimming 10 metres front crawl, Lexi received the Wallabies Pupil of the Week for her kind and caring attitude towards her friends, while George showed us his Blue Peter badge for taking part in lots of sporting activities!


Assembly held on February 1st. This week, there were another lot of 25 Housepoints. Krystian, Archie and George received 50 Housepoints certificates, while Natalia has been working very hard at Kings Lynn Gymnastics Club and received a certificate in recognition of this! Well done everybody!


Assembly on 25th January. There were lots more 25 Housepoints certificates and the first two 50 Housepoints - great work Eva and Mia! Jamie has been very busy on the sporting front again - he came 2nd in the Cluster Cross Country finals, and then went on to win 2 bronze and 1 gold medals swimming for his club at both Whittlesey and Cambridge. Meanwhile, Summer has been trying her very hardest at her Gymnastics club and received a trophy for her fantastic effort! Well done everybody.


Assembly on 18th January. This week there were more 25 Housepoints certificates, and Jamie, Zoe and John-Henry, who took part in the Marshland Cluster Swimming Gala.


Assembly held on January 11th. This week, there were certifi9cates for 25 Housepoints, Level 1 Swimming certificates for Alice and Elliot and a Yoga awards for George. Well done everybody!


Assembly on December 17th. This week there were lots more 25 Housepoints certificates. Jacob received the Head Teacher's Award for trying his hardest to turn his behaviour around, while there were certificates for Yoga and one for Tony, for doing great backstroke in Swimming. Well done!


Assembly on December 7th. This week there were more 25 Housepoints certificates handed out. Year 4, who have been swimming this term, have all progressed amazingly and were each given a certificate to show this. Once again, Jamie brought more swimming trophies to show us! Well done to everybody!


Assembly held on November 30th. Awards were given for 25 Housepoints and Jamie brought lots of trophies to show us. They were all for Swimming various different strokes. We also said a sad goodbye to Abigail and Jackson, who are going to live in Canada.


Assembly held on November 23rd. Certificates were given for 25 Housepoints. Well done everybody!


Assembly on November 16th. There were certificates for 25 Housepoints, Jamie showed us his swimming trophies and Jack told us he has been selected to play for the England Roller Hockey team in Portugal next year! Well done everybody!


Assembly on November 9th. Olivia and Chloe received their 25 Housepoints certificates. Ania got an award for attaining Level 6 in Gymnastics and she also showed us her certificate from the Pony Club, along with her sister Florence. Lucy and Jack in Class 6 received Hockey certificates for great sportsmanship. Sophie, in Year 5, was given the Pupil's Special Award for her love and kindness towards others. Our Tag Rugby players won the Cluster Competition, and Jamie in Year 5 went across the world to Mexico to take part in the World Wake Boarding championships and finished 3rd! Well done to everybody!


Assembly held on November 2nd. Emily was nominated for a Special Award for showing her love and kindness at all times, while Zoe received a medal for a running race. There were also certificates for the winners of the best-dressed Halloween costumes!


Assembly held on October 5th. Finlay can swim 20m doing any stroke and Rheanna received a Hockey certificate for her excellent skills!


Assembly held on 28th September. Ella showed off her medals for Gymnastics, while Jack got an award for being an excellent team member in Hockey.