School Staff

We all strive to give the children the best education we can!

"Professional development has led to strong expertise in key areas." Tim Coulson, Regional Schools' Commissioner, January 2017

Miss Dawn Liddle

Executive Headteacher

Safeguarding and Child Protection Officer

Educational Visits


 Child protection and Safeguarding Lead

Assessment Co-ordinator

NQT Mentor

Thrive Practitioner


Teaching Staff


Foundation Stage

Mrs Emily Nickerson

Assistant Head Teacher

Early Years Co-ordinator (both schools)

Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator  (both schools)

Science Co-ordinator

MFL Co-ordinator

Year 3 class teacher (Currently on maternity leave)


 Key Stage 1

Mrs Rachel Ransom

English  Co-ordinator

Temporary KS1 Co-ordinator across both sites (Maternity Leave)

PHSE Co-ordinator

Staff Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Parent Forum Facilitator

Friends Association Staff Link 

Year 1 Class Teacher


Miss Lauren Symonds

Year 3 Class Teacher

School Council Leader

Miss Rebecca Bass

Reception Class Teacher

 Key Stage 2

Mr Jeremy Wilkinson

Deputy Headteacher


Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator (Both schools)

Alternate Senior Member of Staff - Child Protection and Safeguarding

Newly Appointed Staff and New to Role - mentor

RE Co-ordinator

Year 6 Class Teacher

Collective Worship Co-ordinator

Prevent Lead


Miss Samantha Joyce

Looked After Children Co-ordinator

History Co-ordinator

Geography Co-ordinator


Year 4 Class Teacher

Thrive Practitioner


Mrs Emily Pharro

Numeracy Co-ordinator

Gifted and Talented/More Able  Co-ordinator

ICT and Computing  Co-ordinator

Year 6 Class Teacher 

Mr Tim Furness

Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Tess Collison

Year 2 Class Teacher

 Mrs T Taylor

HLTA Cover Supervisor

Music Co-ordinator


Support Staff

Mrs S Allen

Teaching Assistant

After School Club Assistant


Mrs T Armitage-Bates




Mrs L Benton

Early Birds Assistant

Mid-day Supervisor


 Mrs H Cazot

Teaching Assistant

Thrive Practitioner


Mrs Y Gant 

Teaching Assistant

After School Club Supervisor


Ms S Higgs

Mid-day Supervisor


Mrs A Howley

Specialist SEN Intervention Teaching



Mrs H Mason

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Murray

Teaching Assistant

School Website Administrator

Life Channel Facilitator

Press Liason Officer

Early Birds Supervisor


Mrs J Partridge

Teaching Assistant


Mrs H Smith

Administration Assistant


Mrs D Beetlestone

Teaching Assistant 



Mrs C Collison

 Senior Cleaner

Mrs K Gibson

Teaching Assistant 

SEN support (both schools)



 Mrs J Harden 

Mid-day Supervisor


Ms L Hill  

Teaching Assistant

NPETCS qualified PE Teacher

After-School Club Sports Assistant

PE Co-ordinator


 Mrs S Marsh

HLTA Cover Supervisor


Mrs M Mitchell

Senior Mid-day Supervisor 

Mrs A Chase

Administration Assistant

Miss S Hannay

Administration Assistant