"A really good leader of P.E. in an outstanding school for P.E." (Martin Radmore, Norfolk P.E. Advisor  May 2015)


P.E. Vision Statement


At Anthony Curton Primary School we aim to provide challenging and appropriate P.E. lessons that allow children to reach their full potential. We recognise that P.E. and sport have an important role to play in raising standards and narrowing the achievement gap. We believe that positive participation in physical education will leave students with a legacy of success facilitating an active lifestyle.


We promote active participation and lifelong learning through movement centered and knowledge based activities. All activities are inclusive and help to nurture a love for physical activity.


Anthony Curton Primary School offers a range of High Quality opportunities for young people to access Physical education, both within and outside of school hours, and also through competition. We aim to guide youngsters to make healthy choices as part of an active, balanced lifestyle.

"A really positive vision statement - one of the best I've seen" (Martin Radmore, Norfolk P.E. Advisor May 2015)

At Anthony Curton Primary School we have made very effective use of the Sports Grant. We have found that with the additional funding the participation of extra curricular clubs has increased. We are also available to offer a wider range of exciting clubs, which has interested and motivated our pupils.

Currently at Anthony Curton 64% of all disadvantaged pupils participate in extra  curricular clubs and activities (63% of children also participate in these). Currently 73% of all Key stage 2 pupils attend extra curricular clubs and activities. Last year there were 138 individual opportunities for children in Key Stage 2 to participate in sporting tournaments and competitions, with 100% uptake.

For Swimming, the number of Year 6 children who can swim 25m is 26.

For Swimming, the number of Year 6 children who can use a range of strokes in swimming is 20.

For Swimming, the number of Year 6 children  who can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations is 28.

The current Year 6 cohort is 28.


To ensure the impact of the grant spending is sustainable, we have offered extra sporting opportunities through training a staff member in NPETCS, ensuring high quality P.E. is being delivered throughout the whole school, both in and out of the curriculum. We have also been able to utilise external bodies to provide a more diverse range of sports, before, during and after the school day (E.g. Archery and fencing). 

Please see our 2017-18 P.E. Funding report below.

We would like to announce that we have been awarded the AfPE quality mark in PE - with distinction!! We are very proud of this as it means that the whole of the country now know just how good our P.E. provision is within our school! We would like to thank ALL of the staff for their hard work in achieving this award!

Congratulations to 3 members of our staff who received national awards which they have been working very hard on for a very long time!

Miss Hill and Mrs Reed (From Tilney) both spent a year working on gaining their NPETCS qualification, which means they are trained to a very high standard in P.E. and are qualified to teach P.E. lessons to all of our children.

Miss Liddle has been working on gaining the Level 4 qualification in the Primary PE Subject Leader award.

Congratulations to all staff for all of their hard work and success!


We are incredibly proud of all of our trophies. Here they are on display by the front entrance.

Chartermark - High Quality Sport Award


We are delighted to announce that the school has again been awarded the very prestigious Chartermark, in recognition of the High Quality Sport and PE provision offered to all our many thanks to all those who teach sport within school time, and who provide sporting extra curricular clubs and activities.


Special thanks to Miss Liddle, for all her hard work putting together the very extensive portfolio of evidence.