"They (children) were proud of their contributions to school life, for example...by raising money for charity." Tim Coulson, Regional Schools' Commissioner, January 2017

School Council


 Meetings take place on a regular basis with Miss Symonds in the Year 1 classroom.

Welcome to our new School Councillors for 2017/18

School Council

Below are this year's School Councillors.

Year 6: Jaylyn and Tom

Year 5: Ollie and Tianna

Year 4: Ryan and Lola

Year 3: Chloe and Zack

Year 2: Olivia and Archie

Year 1: Jason and Poppy

Year R: Mylee and Alex


We are very proud to announce this year's House Captains!

St Patrick - Polly and Roman

St David - Della and Isla

St Andrew - Harrison and Jack

St George - Olivia and Ella


Why we are proud of our school

  • We have lots of equipment to use in lessons and at playtimes
  • We have a good playground and field with a fun trim trail to play on and a wildlife area
  • We like our new willow tree
  • We work really hard
  • At this school we feel really safe
  • Our school building is well looked after and always tidy
  • We have yummy cooked dinners cooked in school by our own cook
  • We look after each other
  • We are well behaved in school and when we go to other schools for competitions
  • We have lots of clubs we can join
  • We show good sportsmanship
  • We achieve lots, especially in sports so we have lots of trophies
  • We are a church school
  • We can walk to church for special services
  • We have lots of adults to help us
  • We have a school council so we can share our ideas.               



School Council have asked if, each week, the class with the highest attendance can be allowed to come to school in non-uniform for one day only.  I have agreed to their request.


Attendance at school is high, and I am delighted the children enjoy coming to school and want to be here.

 Each Monday in assembly the classes with the highest attendance are announced and a class award is given.  From Monday , the class with the highest attendance will also be allowed to wear non uniform on the Tuesday, if parents or carers agree.  This is not compulsory – and appropriate clothing and footwear should be worn.


Families will be notified by text on the Monday if their child is in the “winning” class.  A class photo will then also be displayed on the TV system for that week.


I do hope you will allow your child to join in the fun.



Anne Senior

Head Teacher

(on behalf of School Council)