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Complaints Procedure


From time to time, problems occur in school.  If you are unhappy about your child’s education or their experience at school you should make an appointment as soon as possible. It is important to let us know so that any potential problem can be dealt with before a difficulty becomes a major crises.  Your child’s class teacher is the first person you should speak to. If you are unhappy with the response of the class teacher please make an appointment to discuss the issue with the Head Teacher. 

We hope that discussing the matter with staff should be enough to resolve the problem. However if you are still unhappy and wish to take the matter further you should write to the head teacher stating that you wish to make a formal complaint.  If you are then still not satisfied with the findings of the head teacher a letter should be sent to the Chair of Governors at the School stating your complaint and giving all the relevant details including why you do not accept the head teachers findings. Letters of complaint to the Chair of Governors should be received not later than six weeks after the alleged incident for which the complaint is being made, occurred. If you are then not satisfied with the findings of the Chair of Governors you should write to the Chair stating why you are not satisfied with his/her findings. You may then request that the Governors’ Complaints Panel investigates the matter further. The Panel’s decision is Final. 

If you  believe that the school’s complaints procedure was not followed appropriately a letter should be sent to the Director of Education stating your case and explaining the breach of procedure you require to be investigated. A full copy of the Complaints Policy is available from the school office. 


Amended Spring Term, 2012

To be revised Spring Term, 2015