Here, you will find the awards that we hand out most weeks - usually Friday - for something the children have excelled in. This can be something they have achieved in school, or something they do as an out-of-school activity, for which they have gained an award, certificate or trophy. If your child would like to show and tell, we are more than happy to listen and praise!

Assembly awards handed out on 20th April....these were for 25, 50, 75 and 100 Housepoints. Well done to everybody for those. There was a gold and silver medal for Jamie in Swimming for 400m Freestyle and 200m Fly and Kye and Harrison wanted their photo taking because they are very good friends!!

Celebration assembly on 23rd March. There were lots of awards this week. 25, 50, 75 and 100 Housepoints certificates were handed out - well done to all who have received those with their bronze, silver and gold owls. There was a Gymnastics certificate, a Trampolining medal, a Special Children's Award and the winners of the Easter Bonnet competition for Key Stage 1 and 2 was announced, with those children receiving an Easter egg for their creativity. Well done everybody!

Celebration assembly on 16th March. This week there were awards for 25, 50, 75 AND 100 Housepoints! There were also certificates for Kickboxing, Swimming, Gymnastics and Netball. Well done everybody!

In Year 1 Finlay and Krystian received special certificates. Finlay's was for being a brilliant storyteller and using more than 500 words! Krystian's was for his excellent effort during swimming to gain his Level 2 certificate. Well done boys!

Celebration Assembly on 23rd February. This week, there were awards for 25,50 and 75 Housepoints. We said a sad 'goodbye' to Brooke and had a 'thank you' letter for our fund-raising efforts from the Alzheimer's Trust. There were also Swimming and Gymnastics Awards, plus Special Children's Certificates for Daisy, Davy and Jack. Well done one and all!

Celebration Assembly on 9th February. There were lots of 25 and 50 Housepoints certificates this week! Olivia and George received their 75 Housepoints awards and there were prizes and awards handed out for children who had eaten all their lunches, and for others who had been very helpful to the lunchtime supervisors. Last, but by no means least, the two Sophie's received certificates for their excellent work in Gymnastics. Well done everybody!

Celebration Assembly on 26th January. Awards handed out were for 25, 50 and 75 Housepoints. There were certificates, for Swimming, Gymnastics, Lunchtime Awards and Head Teacher's Award. Well done everybody!

Celebration Assembly on 19th January. Awards given were for 25 and 50 Housepoints, a Gymnastics Award and Lunchtime Certificates. Well done everyone!

Celebration Assembly on 12th January. Awards given were for 25 and 50 Housepoints, a Gymnastics Award and Lunchtime Certificates. Well done everyone!

There were lots of Gymnastics awards handed out this week. They were for various levels achieved. Well done to all!